Our first port of call out of Knock airport was spent in sleepy Westport. A bit hard to find a restaurant open 23rd December, it was Indian or Chinese in fact. The Indian was good. Plenty of bars, one with a pissed, dancing Irish turkey. Nice but no breaky as it was Christmas and everyone needs a little time off. 

Our next stop was Galway where we promptly checked into the Radisson and proceeded to eat and drink ourselves stupid. And we do stupid well!

The cliffs of Moher were amazing, apparently inspiration for the nasty mountain range in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Bloody cold breeze but. On the last day we decided to take a rather hazardous route through the hills to see the Gap of Dunlow. These Irish do things with roads I never thought possible, I just cant describe the arse puckering fear I put Steve through that day.

It was a really relaxing holiday with some great juicy steaks and the best Guinness I have ever had.

© paul houthuyzen 2012