Cologne is down there somewhere. There's our hotel on the left and the Dom in the background.

That's the hotel Atrium, a real big sucker it was with a fitness centre complete with sweaty naked Germans!

The Dom is a fantastic cathedral, which is receiving some much needed restoration. There were bits of scaffolding all over it and the stonework restoration and replacement was meticulous.

That spire on the right is a scale model of the ones at the top.

I took a few pictures from the top of the Dom, 547 steps up narrow stone spiral stairs. We needed some exercise to keep the beer in check.

The food and beer was at times excessive. Steve has an unquenchable appetite and Andrea gets more than enough exercise keeping him out of Mc Donald's.

There was a little river cafe in Bonn (birthplace of Beethoven - saw it) a neighboring town to Cologne. Traditionally the beer in Cologne, known as Kolsh, is served in tall thin glasses, but as we were in Bonn...

And the Brauhaus's were great too with amazing meals for peanuts.

Another fantastic package holiday with We all had a great time and returned to work exhausted.

© paul houthuyzen 2012