THE AUTOMIUM. It's big, it's steel and it's buggered. Seriously in need of maintenance but a fantastic structure it was designed and built by an evil genius engineer back in 1958 for a World Trade Fair they have retained it for amusement.

Its a crystalline iron molecule magnified 165 billion times. Unfortunately it's grubby, the windows are shot and the inside has been decorated by a blind epileptic heroin abuser.

Soak it up, as we didn't photograph beer or food this is the highlight.


The famous boy taking a leek statue is getting out of hand. Everywhere you go there a shops selling statues with cork screw appendages and images of the golden shower.

It's hard not to get caught up in it all. The previous day they were pumping beer through the little boy and dishing it out to the crowd. There is even a 'little girl having a squat' statue if your that way inclined.

They have a beautiful town square and the Grand Palace and Hotel de Ville are as magnificent as the guildhalls that surround them.

There were stages erected in several places with free day and evening performances of all sorts. The central photo is of one of the many tourist dining streets the lonely planet advises against using.


Ups and downs:

Beer, mussels, steak and chocolate - excellent though pricey.

No matter how much you paid to get in or what your spending they charge you to use the toilet (except the hotel).


Eurostar first class - we love it BUT WITHOUT F**KING INFANTS!!!!

A big thumbs up to the Brussels City Hilton but ASK if breakfast is included first as its 26 euros a head (ouch).

© paul houthuyzen 2012