On the last day the word had spread and the slopes were well festooned with Dutch and other skiers so we peeled off at eleven for an afternoon trip to Innsbruck.

The liqueur shop was a nice spot with a lot of tasting and admiration of the weird bottles. Now that's the river Inn for which Innsbruck is named after (sorry, the shagging rice keeps boiling over).

Where was I, Corene trying to get out of the picture of another smaller yet all important meat shop

The airport shot sheds light on why flying into Innsbruck feels like more of a controlled emergency descent than you average landing. Shit, even the airport scenery is beautiful. What else, we met a bunch of Aussies and got hammered with them one night, had an interesting experience in a sauna complex and many fine dining sessions. We all missed not having a bath at the end of the day and the shared shower thing wasn't the best arrangement but hey, the saving has to come from somewhere right? Full marks to Mayrhofen, a lovely little town in a beautiful setting with great people.

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