Ha-ha! The famous cube houses, marvel at their squareness, gape at the parallel opposing walls and be amazed by the six faces.

I have wanted to see this ever since seeing Jackie Chan's Who Am I. Very tight inside though, not enough room to swing a camera.

And of course those narrow steep Dutch stairs.

You see its lovely places like this that make it worth the effort. Clean streets with happy beautiful people, good coffee & cheese...etc.

We finished up in Oude Haven with maritime museums and cafe's all over the show.

The team beer tasting and eating cheesy nibbles at the microbrewery went without incident. A nice spot with great staff who are keen to get the amber stuff down your neck, who am I to complain?


Another another fantastic package holiday with

Great flying with Basiq Air. They have a fleet of 9 Fokker 50's and actually serve food & drinks on the 50 minute flight. Cheap as chips to. The place to stay has to be The Westin at the central station. One of the most luxurious hotels I have ever scratched my arse in, great staff, your own coffee machine, casino downstairs - just fantastic. Couldn't afford breakfast there though.

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