So this is what you get for 129 squid a head. Flights, transfers and self catering here in Faliraki. Not too shabby?

The pool and facilities are free so long as you buy your drinks & food from the bar. There on the right you can see a bit of the beach. We didn't spend much time on the beach, but it was nice and I have always wanted to swim in the med.

Rhodes town is called Rhodos by the inhabitants. The town is surrounded by 4km of defensive walls which, were fortified in 1450 when they thought the Turks were coming to get them.

We spent a day in Lindos. Lindos is just down the coast west of Faliraki and sports a rather shagged out acropolis.

The Acropolis in set on a hill 114m above sea and the town cowers in behind it theoretically offering it protection from the nasty invading types.

Lindos town consists almost entirely of goldsmiths, nick-knack shops and open air roof top restaurants.

And here's the acropolis bit at the top under restoration. Yes, I know it's not much now but they will get there I'm sure.

Just 24km north of Rhodes this Island used to be a big sponge diving spot along with a busy port and thriving ship building industry.

These days it's all tourism and well worth the effort. Symi is a very steep town in a scenic harbor and at high tide the seawater comes up through the street drains.

The ferry takes you around the other side of the island with it's monastery. There's not much going on over here other than that, except for a few weird goats.

Verdict: It does what it says on the tin. We cant complain and for a holiday on the cheap you could do a lot worse.

Tanned, overfed and well rested we returned to London. Ohh, and boys, there are tits everywhere. No no no your not listening... EVERYWHERE!

Just.. you ... I cant begin to describe it. Well perhaps after a few beers and some Ouzo?

© paul houthuyzen 2012