We kicked off with Prague Castle, its a beast! Foundations were set down in late 9th century and they just didn't let up for the last 11 centuries. The castle and courtyards cover about 45 hectares!

A few shots within St. Vitus Cathedral which is within the castle complex. The spindly tower on the right was built in 1881 for some jubilee exhibition or wotnot. Its 299 steps to the top but a corker view once your there!"

Here we have the oldest and coolest bridge in Prague, the Charles Bridge which everyone in the city must traverse at least ten times a day by law in a meandering haphazard way. 

We took a bunch of photo's in Prague and I just can't jam them all up here. It's really beautiful and we recommend it as a destination. Prague airport is a catastrophe so be warned. The hotel we stayed at just south of the castle, Andel's Hotel Prague, was fantastic and you must stay there! Food, where do I start! Whopping portions of brilliant food, washed down with awesome fresh beer which costs an average of 40p a pint. Friendly folk everywhere in a city that isn't overpopulated make it a top destination. Skip the Museum of Mechanical Erotic Appliances though, it's just too tame. ;-)

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