Paris 2

The Paris Metro system leaves London for dead in terms of cleanliness, comfort and space. You can even have a conversation and hear each other as Jon, Cath and Corene can testify to. Regular stops for pastry injections washed down with great coffee kept us perky in the cold. And NOBODY makes pastry like the frogs! The thing on the right is the Sacre Coeur in a vale of mist that plagued us all of Christmas Eve

Finally Cath's most traumatic public toilet visit brings us to the end of our festive trek. I hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the new year.

It's a funny place to have Christmas as it's not pasted on every window and stuffed down your throat like the UK. Christmas day there are cafes, florists, patisseries, bars and the Metro open and it's most not Christmas. A great destination for locals and tourists alike.

© paul houthuyzen 2012