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The beer swilling, sausage-snaffling city lived up to its name with a few other surprises thrown in.

Now there’s a surprise, gherkins are a popular snack on the run for the locals and tasty too! Perfect with a cool beer.

The famous or at least very popular Marienplatz with the Glockenspiel looming above.

We took the opportunity (2 euro lift ride) to the top for a gander over the city and the tiny people below. That shot in the centre is in a square behind the tower where we stopped for a beer.

Ha! I remember this place, long walk involved. Trekked through the bottom bit of the Englischer Garten. Big and I mean BIG with ponds, steams, rivers and naked Germans 20 ways from sunset.

Good on them I say, so eventually we got to this, The Chinesescher Turm.

Chinese temple if you haven't guessed. And we did drink upon the amber fluid and feast upon the salty pretzels.

Listen and listen well. No trip to Munich is complete without a trip here, Hofbrauhaus.

It is the largest most authentic beer hall in central Munich and... well you just must go there.

Happy people from all over the world drinking together. Pretzel Bitchen stalking the benches with giant pretzels help keepin it salty = more beer.

Ya ha! Not quite Octoberfest but if your not into crowds, vomit and overpriced beer its ideal.

Brilliant German grub like sausages and pork knuckles went south at speed. And I must say, the beer is exceptional.

Hotel Munich Theatre did us proud with a good location but unfortunately they had scheduled the dismantling of theatre sets at one fucking am Saturday night.

BA, good flights, check-in at Gatwick unnecessarily painful. I don't know what the bloody buggery they will do if they get the Olympics in 2012.

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