Meribel strip

I didn't get an exterior shot of the chalet but they are all fairly similar and covered in snow.

Thats our chairlift around 100m from the chalet if you take the long route and you ski back down to the door.

The Village was brilliant, quite with a nice lodge (bar), no crowds or bustle and yet brilliant access to the slopes.


There is an image below of us feeding. Clockwise we have Corene, Cath, Jon.C, Jon, Nikki (our hostess), Deb, Yvonne, Lou and me behind the camera (not doing a good job of holding it still either). John.C was with Lou over from Wales and we got on really well, they fart a lot though. A very early morning shot of the Village centre consisting of a Spar, Ski shop, Ballongerie and Lodge. The smoky affair was a night out at a 'cook your own meat on a lump of hot steel' type places.

Not every day was perfect. We had heaps of snow during our stay, sadly a lot of it during the day, which made it bloody cold.

Up on some of the peaks it sits around -17 degrees but generally a tropical -4 to -7 on most pistes.

On the left were looking down on Meribel and Centre and right are shots from Cim De Caron.

Thats Val Thorens around 900m below and zoomed right in

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