Minimal eating, excessive drinking and practically no sight seeing. Pioneers of the '24 Hour Beer Break' Corene, Dave and Pauly shot first and didn't bother with questions retrospectively in this hop fueled rampage.

Now... all this comes at a cost to you. Note the absence of local sites and attractions. Oh, Uncle Monkey was meant to be coming but couldn't make it due to numerous things. Quite a sad little web page really but as the big fat cheques have stopped rolling in from my readers this is all were able to cobble together. Enjoy (send money now to end this).

Now the first thing I must stress about Leipzig is that at this time of year (December) it's fucking freezing.  Not at my coldest moments have I been cut down by the type of cruel cold wind that this place throws at you.

Moving right along, our first port of call was the tourist information centre next to the hotel to find out where the best bars (brewery's) are. And then its a simple matter of making our way there.

The first two pictures above are a model of the train station we were in, now a much more useful brewery and restaurant.

Framed by the angelic Corene and Dave we have the local brew Gose. Loosing favour with the locals and only available in a handful of bars it had to be tried. Well, we now know why its loosing favour. It looks delicious but tastes as if it's 50% beer and 50% lemon juice. The sourest beer I have ever had and I'm not sure if any of us finished it.

Another neat thing about Leipzig is the number of people selling oversize sausages in tiny bread rolls for bugger all cash.

They even have mobile guys with gas cookers strapped to their fronts, gas cylinders on their backs and umbrellas mounted over them standing about in the cold randomly scattered through the city.

The temptation was too great and I think this was all we ate during our stay

As I said, I didn't take many photo's but everyone likes a clean toilet. There's a lot more drinking and me not looking at all impressed by the camera.

We wound up in the hotel bar till early morning when I managed to fall out of the lift and wake several people up in the process. That local brandy is a killer.

Notes: The Holiday Inn Garden Court is right across from the train station and the bar is well appointed. It's bloody cold in Leipzig.

The Ryanair airport is about an hours bus ride from Leipzig making it less than ideal for a 24hour blast and there are not that many bars in central Leipzig, that we could find anyway.


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