coup de grace


After months of talking about we have finally joined that wierd sector of society which keeps chooks in the back yard. This weekend Corene, Luke, Mum and I visited Chook Manor and picked up three ladies of the Brown Shaver ethniciy. These free range reared pullets are most placid chooks I have ever come across and tipped to start laying in about 4 weeks time.

The coup was good excuse for me to use up some accumulated Free Wood too. The mesh, hinges and screws are the only things I had to part with money for - the rest is pallets, packing crates and two studs I liberated from a building site skip. The roof is clad in sheets of coreflute - scavenged from a recyling skip. 

I built it on skids - just narrow enough to fit thru the back yard gate so we can gradually let them explore the fenced section. I have alreadt stared mending holes in our fences and gates. 

© paul houthuyzen 2012