Bench Saw & Router Table

Since some 400 full moons ago, give or take a few, I desired a saw bench I could call my own. Our move to Christchurch postponed this further. However, recently a desire to build a book case and TV entertainment unit rekindled the dream. At this time I cant warrant spending more than 1K on a decent saw bench. I really need a router bench too but I lack the workshop space for both.

Which got me thinking… Since moving to Christchurch I have had an increasing awareness of how much material is discarded as rubbish. Luke and I do weekly raids of the industrial estate 'free wood' bins. With our new found supply and a frugal budget I would set forth and build my own!

I have built a fence out of a second hand door jamb, a bit of SHS aluminum and a M10 coach bolt. Next come some table slots and a mitre head. 

A big score was finding a 'free wood' sign which led to a heap of perspex (Polymethyl methacrylate). Luke and I nabbed swags of it which enabled me to finish the zero clearance insert. Next stop is the router undermount and some sanding sealer for the top. Then I'm into some furniture making! 

© paul houthuyzen 2012