Beca Kids Christmas Party 2014

Loads of fun and little trains at Christchurch Live Steamers. A miniture railway with a 7 1/4” gauge track which winds through the forest, over bridges and through a tunnel. 

Awsome for big kids too!

IMG 4996
IMG 1057


IMG 4402

Corene, JP and I spend a day at Barrytown Knifemaking and all came away with a  sharp tool!

IMG 0995

These are the knives made on the day. Awsome!

Winter fishing

IMG 4114

We spent last weekend at the Tekapo / Twizel canals cycling, fishing and eating. While it was brisk we enjoyed a fantastic run of weather and came away with a mixed bag of seven trout and salmon. 

IMG 0820

If you look closely at the image above you can see a little trout in the watyer just left of my rod. This was at the Ohau C salmon farm. 

The device stand

JP needed a thingy to put his Apple gadgets on while charging. Three pallets and a offcut of ply later I came up with this thing. See how it goes...

IMG 0561

New Kitchen splashback

I fiund this sheet of Laminex Metaline splashback in a skip and couldn't leave it there.

IMG 0502
IMG 0585

Cramped quaters

IMG 0389

The gradual shoe-horning of the workshop continues. Its amazing the amount of stuff i had crammed in a single garrage. More updates to come...

Shed Shuffle

IMG 0375
IMG 0386

Another flood saw us swapping the workshop space with Corene's car space. I'm  making a selection of storage units haning from French cleats to keep things up off the floor. 

Cold in Hillmorton!

Some 24 hours after huddling in the Oxford shade for fear of being burnt to a crisp we were treated with a brutal drop in tenp and one of the meatiest hail storms I have seen. 

IMG 0288

Hot in Oxford!

Last weekend we Joined the Warwick's for an impromptu birthday gathering for Dave. At short notice Dave put on some lovely weather which lead to the slip-n-slide emerging. Luke, Emma and Milo put it thru the paces.

IMG 3561

Coopers Creek to Ryde Falls Track

IMG 0277

Last weekend we took a walk with friends to Ryde Falls at the base of Mount Oxford. Its a good track which initially crosses cleared private land with views of the plains and surrounding hills. It enters beech forest and descends to Coopers Creek to see the Ryde Falls. A bit of a grunt for us novices with 7.5km each way it certainally took its toll on the adults!

IMG 3535

Tia, Emma and Luke. They looked better at the end than the adults did!

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